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DoveMed is a comprehensive healthcare platform offering 40,000+ medical articles and innovative products for patients and providers. Features include Healthcare Profiles, Reviews, MyCircles patient forum, Ask a Doctor, DoveCommunity, Physician Blogs, Dove University, Self-Service Marketing DoveCampaigns and much more!

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If you are a medical professional, please claim your profile. Physician privileges include having customization control of one's profile,
physician-user interaction, and access to physician news feeds.


MyCircles, a supportive community for patients and healthcare seekers living with chronic conditions. Connect, explore resources, and support your wellness journey while interacting with healthcare professionals and learning about organizations that aid individuals with chronic health challenges.

Connect with a supportive community
Invite others to patient forums
Access valuable health resources
Interact with healthcare professionals
Join and contribute to wellness
Discover supportive organizations
Foster shared understanding
Empower health management
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Ask A Doctor

Ask a Doctor, a comprehensive platform for patients and healthcare seekers to find answers to health-related questions, understand health conditions, and connect with useful resources. Engage with physicians, mark helpful answers, and share the information with others.

Seek answers to health questions
Mark helpful answers
Access useful DoveMed resources
Rate and review physicians
Understand various health conditions
Share questions and answers
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DoveMed Reviews, a powerful platform for patients and healthcare seekers to share their experiences and insights. Rate and review healthcare professionals and organizations to foster better engagement, informed decision-making, and improved care.

Review various healthcare professionals
Share personal experiences
Rate clinics and hospitals
Inform other healthcare seekers
Provide valuable feedback
Promote transparency in healthcare
Enhance provider-patient engagement
Empower patients' voices
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Clinical Trials

DoveMed Clinical Trials, a comprehensive platform for patients and healthcare seekers to explore, share, and connect with innovative methods to diagnose, treat, and prevent health conditions. Stay informed and access valuable resources through this user-friendly platform.

Discover cutting-edge clinical trials
Stay informed about new treatments
Connect with healthcare organizations
Empower healthcare decision-making
Access support groups and resources
Foster community engagement
Share information with others
Expand healthcare options
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DoveMaps, a convenient and user-friendly platform for patients and healthcare seekers to search, locate, and review healthcare providers and organizations. Simplify your healthcare search and share map locations with ease using DoveMap.

Search healthcare providers effortlessly
Share map locations with others
Locate hospitals and clinics nearby
Streamline healthcare decision-making
Access healthcare professional profiles
Connect with trusted professionals
Review and rate providers
Enhance patient-provider engagement
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Medical Jobs

DoveMed Medical Jobs, a comprehensive platform for healthcare professionals seeking new opportunities or aiming to recruit talented individuals. Discover and apply for jobs, post vacancies, and compare salaries across different regions, all in one place.

Search and apply for healthcare jobs
Access valuable employment insights
Post job openings and recruit talent
Connect with potential employers
Compare salaries across regions
Explore diverse opportunities
Streamline job-seeking process
Empower career growth
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DoveUniversity, an engaging platform for patients and healthcare seekers to expand their medical knowledge and stay updated on recent health developments. Participate in interactive quizzes and enhance your understanding of various health topics.

Upgrade medical knowledge
Access a variety of health topics
Engaging quizzes
Enhance healthcare awareness
Stay informed about health developments
User-friendly learning experience
Foster lifelong learning
Empower informed decision-making
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DovePoints Campaigns

DoveCampaigns, a tailored solution for patients and healthcare seekers interested in partnering with DoveMed. Purchase DovePoints, unlock a range of products and features, and run targeted campaigns to reach your desired audience. Monitor your success with customized reports and individualized dashboards.

Purchase DovePoints as needed
Customized campaign reports
Unlock DoveMed products and features
Individualized tracking dashboards
Run targeted campaigns
Maximize campaign effectiveness
Reach specific product audiences
Drive successful partnerships
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World-Class Content

DoveMed's World-Class Content, a curated collection of physician-approved health articles for patients and healthcare seekers. Enhance your understanding of diseases, conditions, medical procedures, and first-aid tips. Provide feedback and share valuable content with others.

Access physician-approved health content
Provide feedback on articles
Understand diseases, conditions, and procedures
Foster informed healthcare decisions
Learn essential first-aid tips
Support lifelong learning
Share valuable information with others
Empower healthcare management
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DoveCommunity, a comprehensive platform for patients and healthcare seekers to connect with healthcare professionals, services, and health-minded community members. Discover local offers, stay updated on health alerts, and share your experiences with providers and facilities.

Find in-network healthcare professionals
Stay informed on local health alerts
Explore healthcare in various communities
Rate and review providers and facilities
Discover local health offers and deals
Enhance your health journey
Understand diseases, conditions, and procedures
Foster a supportive community
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Physician Blogs

Physician Blogs, a valuable resource for patients and healthcare seekers to gain insights from healthcare professionals on various health topics. Engage with informative content, interact through likes and comments, and share these resources with others.

Access expert health insights
Share resources with others
Engage with informative content
Enhance health knowledge
Like, comment, and bookmark blogs
Empower informed decision-making
Read diverse healthcare professional blogs
Foster health education
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DoveHubs, a collaborative platform designed for healthcare professionals. Create your own Hub, invite colleagues, and join over 200 specialty hubs created by DoveMed. Connect with other professionals, learn medicine, share expertise, and access curated resources to stay updated on current medical news.

Create personalized healthcare Hubs
Enhance medical knowledge
Collaborate with healthcare professionals
Share opinions and expertise
Join 200+ DoveMed specialty hubs
Access curated, relevant resources
Connect with doctors and health experts
Stay updated on current medical news
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Introducing DoveBiz, a powerful platform tailored for medical businesses. With DoveBiz, showcase your expertise and staff to potential patients, customers and healthcare seekers looking for products and services . Enable users to rate and review your business , stay informed about new products, sales, and communicate to patients and customers latest updates . Share your business profile to empower informed healthcare decisions.

Promote medical business growth
Strengthen community engagement
Showcase your expertise and specializations
Share your profiles with others via social media
Highlight dedicated and recognize your staff
Support informed healthcare decision-making
Encourage ratings and reviews from customers
Demonstrate quality features of your products
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Professional Profiles

Physician Profiles
Physician Profiles
Advanced Practice Provider Profiles
Hospital Profiles
Clinic Profiles
Medical Business Profiles
Non-For-Profit Profiles
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Physician Profiles

Physician Profiles, a dedicated platform for patients and healthcare seekers to learn about and engage with physicians. Rate and review physicians, learn about their practice, the hospitals and clinics they are part of, and the conditions they treat and procedures they perform. Share profiles to help others make informed healthcare decisions.

Rate and review physicians
Share physician profiles
Learn about physician practice details
Enhance healthcare decision-making
Discover affiliated hospitals and clinics
Foster community engagement
Understand treated conditions and performed procedures
Empower informed choices

Who we are

At DoveMed, our utmost priority is your well-being. We are an online medical resource dedicated to providing you with accurate and up-to-date information on a wide range of medical topics. But we're more than just an information hub - we genuinely care about your health journey. That's why we offer a variety of products tailored for both healthcare consumers and professionals, because we believe in empowering everyone involved in the care process.
Our mission is to create a user-friendly healthcare technology portal that helps you make better decisions about your overall health and well-being. We understand that navigating the complexities of healthcare can be overwhelming, so we strive to be a reliable and compassionate companion on your path to wellness.
As an impartial and trusted online resource, we connect healthcare seekers, physicians, and hospitals in a marketplace that promotes a higher quality, easy-to-use healthcare experience. You can trust that our content is unbiased and impartial, as it is trusted by physicians, researchers, and university professors around the globe. Importantly, we are not influenced or owned by any pharmaceutical, medical, or media companies. At DoveMed, we are a group of passionate individuals who deeply care about improving health and wellness for people everywhere. Your well-being is at the heart of everything we do.

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