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Goat Meat: A Healthy Alternative To Other Red Meats

Last updated April 11, 2015

Approved by: Maulik P. Purohit MD, MPH

Goat meat is one of the most popular types of red meat. Goat meat lends itself to various cooking methods and is rich in essential nutrients.

Are you fond of consuming goat meat? If so, then there is good news; including goat meat in your diet could actually help you remain fit! Goat meat is one of the most popular types of red meat. Goat meat lends itself to various cooking methods and is rich in essential nutrients. In the earlier days, goat meat was consumed only in African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian countries. However, goat meat is gaining popularity today in America and Europe too because of overall potential health benefits associated with its consumption.

Benefits of Choosing Goat Meat over Other Red Meat:

  • Goat meat is a source of lean protein and its consumption provides all the essential amino acids required for health and development of the body. The amino acids present in goat meat could help develop muscle mass. These amino acids also play an important role in the production and secretion of hormones in the body.
  • The fat content is quite low in goat meat; hence, it is low in calories when compared to a comparable portion of pork, beef, or chicken.
  • The low cholesterol and saturated fat content in goat meat make it a healthier option. Low levels of cholesterol also decrease the risk of one developing heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. The lower percentage of saturated fat in goat meat increases the amount of HDL (good cholesterol) in blood and thus, reduces the risk of developing coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis.
  • About 100g of goat meat has only 82 mg of sodium. The low-sodium content of goat meat helps in regulating blood pressure and reduces the chances of developing pulmonary hypertension.
  • About 100g of goat meat has about 385mg of potassium. The high-potassium content of goat meat stabilizes the heart rhythm and prevents one from having arrhythmias (rhythm disorders of the heart).
  • Goat meat is enriched with micronutrients like vitamin B12, selenium, and choline, which are powerful antioxidants and are known to combat free radicals. Free radicals cause oxidative stress on the cells of the body, which increases the risks for degenerative diseases and some cancers.
  • Goat meat is a red meat that is high in myoglobin and iron content, which aid in maintaining and improving blood health and decrease the risks for developing iron-deficiency/anemia.

The exceptional nutritional profile of goat meat makes it a wise choice of meat when compared to beef, pork, and chicken. In order to obtain the maximum health benefits of goat meat, it is essential that it not be overloaded with added fat from oil and butter during cooking. Goat meat can thus be said to be a perfect combination of taste and health.


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First uploaded: April 11, 2015
Last updated: April 11, 2015