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Health Tips For A Better Life

Last updated July 25, 2015

Approved by: Maulik P. Purohit MD, MPH

DoveMed 7 PowerHealth Tips: Everyone wants a happy and healthy life. One needs to work towards it every single day! It does not take long, just 20 minutes!

DoveMed 7 PowerHealth Tips

Have you every caught yourself - thinking something, saying something else, and doing something totally different from what you wanted to do?  We often overrate the word ‘balance’ in our life. It is not something that is attained one fine day. One needs to work towards it every single day! It does not take long, just 20 minutes! Read on!

  1. Physical - Health is wealth! It is definitely worth to spend time every single day, towards keeping yourself physically fit. It also feels good!
  2. Personal - Everyday, take time out, to care for yourself! If you have had a really busy day, try dipping your feet in warm water for some time! Small gestures towards yourself, and the time spent in caring for your body will make you beam!
  3. Spiritual - You need not shut your eyes to meditate; you can feel connected to the world, by meditating with your eyes open! The point is to breathe easy, keeping your posture upright, and letting air circulate through your lungs, easily. 
  4. Intellectual - Read, listen to some new idea every day!
  5. Experiential - The world is an exciting place! Do, explore, and learn something new, however small it might be!
  6. Go slow - Have you ever tried doing things without haste? It is the greatest stress buster! Do something in half the speed, then you would normally do!
  7. Eat - Practice self-restraint! Decide on that one food item, you will hold back eating, for the day! And, eat right!

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First uploaded: Nov. 11, 2013
Last updated: July 25, 2015