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7 Health Benefits Of Tomatillos

Last updated Jan. 12, 2018

Approved by: Krish Tangella MD, MBA, FCAP

The green variety have more of a tart flavor and is mainly used: however, the purple and red variety is used in jams and preserves because of the slight sweetness.

The tomatillo, also known as the Mexican husk tomato or husk cherry, is a small green Mexican fruit with a lantern-type shell surrounding the fruit. It’s native to Central America and the south-western region of North America. In Mexican cuisine, tomatillos are a staple. They can be eaten raw or cooked in a variety of green sauces like salsa verde. The green variety has more of a tart flavor and is mainly used: however, the purple and red variety is used in jams and preserves because of the slight sweetness.

Here are the 7 health benefits of tomatillos.

1. Tomatillos could help fight cancer.

Tomatillos have a unique phytochemical called withanolide. Studies have shown that withanolides have strong anti-proliferative activity, which could help prevent cancer. Also, tomatillos are rich sources of vitamin A, vitamin C, and flavonoids, which provide anti-cancer properties.

2. Tomatillos could help promote regularity.

Tomatillos are a great source of fiber with one cup containing 2.6 grams of fiber. A fiber-rich diet helps add bulk to your stool that facilitates waste elimination. This decreases medical complications like fecal compaction and diverticulitis.

3. Tomatillos can be filling.

Tomatillos only have 42 calories per cup. Along with the fiber content, tomatillos could help you feel full by eating fewer calories. Also, tomatillos could contribute to your niacin intake. Niacin helps support your metabolism to keep it active, contributing to weight loss.

4. Tomatillos could help improve your vision.

Tomatillos contain flavonoids like lutein and zeaxanthin. These compounds could help prevent visual impairment like cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

5. Tomatillos could help improve your blood pressure.

Potassium is an important mineral that can help improve your blood pressure. Your kidneys control your blood pressure by controlling the amount of fluid stored in the body. More fluid in the body means a higher blood pressure. The kidneys do this by filtering your blood and taking out any extra fluid to store in the bladder as urine. The process uses a sodium and potassium balance. When you eat too much salt, your kidneys have a harder time removing fluids, thus increasing your blood pressure. Eating potassium-rich foods like tomatillos can help maintain the sodium to potassium balance.

6. Tomatillos could help improve your mood.

Studies have shown that magnesium plays a crucial role in brain function and mood. Low levels of magnesium have been linked to depression. Also, other studies have shown that magnesium supplementation could help reduce symptoms of depression.

7. Tomatillos could help fight inflammation.

Chronic inflammation could lead to medical complications like heart disease. A study published in the Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry suggested that tomatillos may hold anti-inflammatory properties.

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