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Update: MMWR anthrax update, Transcript and audio clip, Telebriefing on November 16, and Case count

Last updated March 15, 2020

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MMWR November 16, 2001

Update: MMWR anthrax update, Transcript and audio clip, Telebriefing on November 16, and Case count

MMWR November 16, 2001

This week's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report includes the article Update: Investigation of Bioterrorism-Related Anthrax in the United States and Other Countries. This week's issue also includes a Notice to Readers regarding "Update: Recommendations for Postexposure Prophylaxis and Treatment of Children and Pregnant Women with Bacillus anthracis Infection." The MMWR is available online at www.cdc.gov/mmwr.

All MMWR articles related to anthrax and bioterrorism are now archived at one location. The web address is http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/indexbt.html.

Today's transcript and audio clip

The transcript from today's telebriefing with Dr. Julie Gerberding is available online. Today's briefing was also webcast and the audio clip is also available online. Both transcript and audio clip are accessible from www.cdc.gov/media.

Telebriefing, November 16

The November 16, 2001, telebriefing will feature two speakers: Dr. Bradley Perkins, CDC anthrax expert, and Dr. Tanja Popovic, CDC anthrax laboratory expert.

Telebriefings regarding CDC activities and the anthrax investigations will be conducted during the entire month of November, on Monday through Friday, from Noon - 12:45 PM, EST. The toll-free number for these briefings is 1-866-254-5942. For the latest update on CDC activities and on-going anthrax investigations visit www.bt.cdc.gov or www.cdc.gov/media.

CDC confirmed cases of anthrax

Summary of Local, State, and Federal Confirmed Human Cases and Exposures

Case Status Florida New York City New Jersey Washington, DC Total

Confirmed 2 5 5 5 17

    Cutaneous 0 4 3 0  

    Inhalational 2 1 2 5  

Suspect 0 3 2 0 5

    Cutaneous 0 3 2 0  

    Inhalational 0 0 0 0  

Total Cases         22

There have been 4 deaths associated with inhalational anthrax.

CDC confirmed cases are based on a rigorous case definition, which was published in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) on October 19, 2001. The MMWR is available on-line at: http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5041a1.htm.

CDC defines a confirmed case of anthrax as 1) a clinically compatible case of cutaneous, inhalational, or gastrointestinal illness that is laboratory confirmed by isolation of B. anthracis from an affected tissue or site or 2) other laboratory evidence of B. anthracis infection based on at least two supportive laboratory tests. CDC defines a suspect case as 1) a clinically compatible case of illness without isolation of B. anthracis and no alternative diagnosis, but with laboratory evidence of B. anthracis by one supportive laboratory test or 2) a clinically compatible case of anthrax epidemiologically linked to a confirmed environmental exposure, but without corroborative laboratory evidence of B. anthracis infection.


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