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CDC Update: Nevada tests negative, HHS press availability

Last updated March 15, 2020

Approved by: Lester Fahrner, MD

Nevada test results negative

CDC Update: Nevada tests negative, HHS press availability 

AM Daily Update

Nevada test results negative

CDC has completed tests of samples from Nevada and the results are negative for anthrax. State health officials have been notified. 

HHS press availability

HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson, Surgeon General David Satcher, and spokespersons from the National Institute of Mental Health and CDC will participate in a press availability session at 2:15 PM ET to discuss fears about anthrax and other mental health concerns. For more information about the press availability: www.hhs.gov/news.

Confirmed cases of anthrax disease in the United States: 6 total: 2 in Florida, 3 in New York, and 1 in New Jersey.

 For the latest update on CDC activities and on-going anthrax investigations visit www.bt.cdc.gov/ or www.cdc.gov/media/.

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First uploaded: March 15, 2020
Last updated: March 15, 2020