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Liberia Facing Fourth Wave of Deadly Ebola Virus

Last updated Dec. 1, 2015

Approved by: Maulik P. Purohit MD, MPH


As a nation, Liberia is suffering from the highest number of deaths due to Ebola, currently 4,808.

Liberia’s Ministry of Health announced the nation’s fourth wave of the Ebola Virus on November 27th. Ebola is a disease caused by the Ebola virus; it can be easily transmitted by contact with infected bodily fluids, contaminated medical equipment, and infected animals and animal material. Early symptoms appear between 5-10 days after transmission and are relatively mild; as time passes, symptoms become increasingly severe and could potentially result in death. With little to no medical treatment options, around 70% of Ebola infections are fatal.

Liberia, which has been Ebola-free for two months, confirmed three new cases of the lethal disease that emerged in the past week. The Liberian health ministry reported confirmation of the first case after a patient tested positive following admittance into the hospital.

Shortly after, two other suspected contacts tested positive. An Ebola treatment center in the country’s capital, Monrovia, is treating the three confirmed cases and the high-risk contacts.

Several dozen immediate contacts of the three patients are carefully monitored, reports Margaret Ann Harris of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Dr. Bernice Dahn of the Ministry of Health reports that they have notified all healthcare workers encountering the patients and that decontamination of the hospital unit is currently taking place. Dahn assures that the health ministry is working diligently with the health team to isolate and limit the effects of the current outbreak, and to respond quickly to any additional emerging cases. 

As a nation, Liberia is suffering from the highest number of deaths due to Ebola, currently 4,808. Dr. Dahn remains hopeful and trusts that their experiences in defeating the prior three waves have prepared them for their current battle.

Written by Kevin Grudzinski

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First uploaded: Dec. 1, 2015
Last updated: Dec. 1, 2015