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Auriculotemporal Syndrome

Last updated Sept. 11, 2017

Approved by: Maulik P. Purohit MD, MPH

The topic Auriculotemporal Syndrome you are seeking is a synonym, or alternative name, or is closely related to the medical condition Frey's Syndrome.

Quick Summary:

  • Frey’s Syndrome, also known as Gustatory Sweating Syndrome, is a disorder that occurs due to a facial nerve injury, after a surgical procedure is performed (for various reasons), on the parotid gland
  • The parotid gland is located in the space between the ear and the cheek, on both sides of the face. They are the largest of the salivary glands
  • The proportion of the surgeries that lead to Frey’s Syndrome, vary from anywhere between 2-80%. The disorder induces mild to intense sweating, when any sensation pertaining to food (such as smell, taste, sound, sight, thought, including dreams) is present or comes about
  • A treatment of this condition is undertaken based on its intensity, the discomfort it causes, and the tolerance level of an individual

Please find comprehensive information on Frey's Syndrome regarding definition, distribution, risk factors, causes, signs & symptoms, diagnosis, complications, treatment, prevention, prognosis, and additional useful information HERE.

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