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DoveHubs are easy to use curated forums for variety of healthcare professionals and healthcare institutions. Join or create your own DoveHub and engage with your audience members.


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Your own hubs

DoveHub is a proprietary DoveMed platform where healthcare providers can create their own hubs/forums in order to participate in high-quality discussions and communicate with each other. Apart from joining specialty-based open forums provided by the host, registered individuals may also join institutional and personal hubs through invitation. The personal hubs can function with minimal intervention/moderation by the administrator.



Individual experiences

Learn from experienced healthcare experts about the business side of medicine, stuffs that are never taught in professional schools. Freely share work and personal experiences and exchange ideas with like-minded practitioners, connecting via common specialties, thereby creating a strong business network. With the discussions being archived in a searchable format, such forums can help form useful resource tools.


Dissemination of information

Online forums provide a medium for the rapid dissemination of information to member physicians and medical professionals. Such forums provide a semi-anonymous medium that encourages the free exchange of ideas between physicians from different disciplines and parts of the country. The platform is open only to verified healthcare professionals.



Expand one's business

Healthcare professionals are getting busier with even more demands being placed on their time. The DoveHub discussion forums can become a popular vehicle for informal communication among professionals who are pressed for time. Individuals seeking to invest in products or expand their businesses can discuss the subject with others and obtain valuable suggestions, tips, and insights before investing large fortunes.