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How To Trick Your Heart Into Thinking You Exercise

Aug. 20, 2017

Researchers have discovered that a protein called cardiotrophin 1 (CT1) can trick the heart into growing in a healthy way ... Continue reading

Weight Loss Surgery's Effects On Bone Marrow Fat And Bone Mass

Aug. 20, 2017

Bone marrow fat is thought to regulate bone metabolism, and high levels of marrow fat are seen in states of ... Continue reading

Menopausal Status May Better Predict Blood Vessel Health In Women Than Fitness Level

Aug. 20, 2017

High physical fitness is known to be related to enhanced blood vessel dilation and blood flow (endothelial function) in aging ... Continue reading

Fat Shaming In The Doctor's Office Can Be Mentally And Physically Harmful

Aug. 20, 2017

Medical discrimination based on people's size and negative stereotypes of overweight people can take a toll on people's ... Continue reading

Playing With Your Brain: Negative Impact Of Some Action Video Games

Aug. 19, 2017

Human-computer interactions, such as playing video games, can have a negative impact on the brain, says a new Canadian study ... Continue reading
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