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Maternal Obesity Influences Newborn Baby’s Immune System

May 23, 2015

A study from the University of California at Riverside (UCR) examined immune cells from the umbilical cord blood samples of ... Continue reading

When The Healers Need Healing: Substance And Alcohol Abuse By Physicians

May 21, 2015

According to an article that was published in USA Today last year, 100,000 medical staff, including doctors, nurses, and ... Continue reading

Common Chemicals Around the Household Could Lead to Early Menopause

May 20, 2015

A study from Washington University School of Medicine at St. Louis finds that women who have elevated levels of certain ... Continue reading

Wheatgrass: Do the Actual Health Benefits Match Naturopaths’ Claims?

May 20, 2015

Wheatgrass is a food product from the wheat plant Triticum aestivum, also called couch grass or agopyron. Wheatgrass is commonly ... Continue reading

Hydrogel Filled With Nanosponges Reduces MRSA Infections

May 19, 2015

A research group at the University of California, San Diego has engineered a hydrogel filled with nanosponges. These nanosponges are ... Continue reading
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