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Did you know? An estimated 64 million people have COPD. Risk factors include smoking, air pollution, exposure to dust, chemicals at work places!

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Being Extroverted Linked to Happiness?

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Chronic Prostate Inflammation Could Nearly Double the Risk of Prostate Cancer

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Brown Fat Located with MRIs?

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Diabetes Complications Declined Dramatically, CDC Says

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Featured Articles

Acid-Fast Bacilli Smear with Culture Sensitivity

Acid-Fast Bacilli (AFB) are a group of rod-shaped bacteria; the most common and clinically important of which, belong to the genus mycobacterium.

Farber's Disease

Farber’s Disease causes high fatality in very young children. Currently, the disease is treated symptomatically and there is no particular cure for this condition. Learn more...

New Guidelines for Stroke Prevention in Women

"The risk factors that are unique to women need to be recognized, and women can start decreasing their risk much earlier than they thought...

Foreign Object in the Ear

Factors that could cause the condition include: Voluntarily inserting objects into the ear (buttons, crayon pieces, paper balls, beads, seeds, cotton, toy parts); usually observed in children...

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Congenital & Genetic Disorders

Genetic disorders are difficult to understand, due to a complex nature of their causes and presentations. Furthermore, some genetic disorders are relatively common, while others are extremely rare. Our health center tools, help provide a better understanding of such disorders, giving you better healthcare choices!

Sexual Health

Sexual Health center is a resource for Disease & Conditions, Surgical and Laboratory Procedures, and other such relevant information, for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. DoveMed Sexual Health center tools, provide a better understanding of sex-related disorders, and help in making better choices for a healthy living!

Women’s Health

DoveMed's Women's Health Center is a wholesome healthcare resource for assessing women's health issues. These include risks and health management of cancers, breast care, reproductive organ disorders, obesity-related disorders, pregnancy-related issues, heart diseases, strokes, and many more.