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Did you know? The human body contains 96,000 km (59,650 miles) of blood vessels!

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Growth Hormone Production Linked to Aging

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Washing Raw Chicken May Increase Food Poisoning

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Eating Breakfast Not Key for Weight Loss?

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Dirt and Germ Exposure to Newborns may Lower Allergy, Asthma Risk

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It is a microscopic procedure that involves the removal, repair, or bypass, of an obstruction or defect in the middle ear. The procedure is generally used to repair the eardrum (also called tympanic membrane)...

Barium Enema

The procedure is useful in diagnosing tumors, cancers, and other illnesses, related to the intestine. It is also performed to determine the treatments in case of symptoms, such as...

7 Health Benefits of Bean Sprout

They are a good source of Vitamin B-complex, such as folate or folic acid. Folate has shown to help in neural tube formation and red blood cell formation in prenatal babies.

Lisfranc Fracture

It is a break or crack in one or more bones of the midfoot (middle region of the foot). The foot bones involved in fracture could either be the metatarsal bones and/or the tarsal bones.

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Allergies are common and their occurrence, increasing every year. It is estimated that 40-50% of school-going children may be sensitized to some form of allergens. Common allergies include allergic rhinitis, food, drug, skin, & insect allergies. Allergy Center is a physician-approved resource to help understand allergies better.

Blood Disorders

DoveMed Blood Disorder center is a comprehensive unbiased, physician-approved healthcare resource on blood & blood-related disorders, which include leukemias & lymphomas, autoimmune conditions, bleeding & clotting disorders, anemia, defective bone marrow disorders, and many more.

Men's Health

Men's Health Center is a wholesome healthcare resource for assessing men's health issues, which include risks and health management for cancers, reproductive organs disorders, obesity-related disorders, heart diseases, strokes, etc. The center provides information that is physician-approved and unbiased.