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Did you know? In 1901 Karl Landsteiner introduced the system to classify blood into A, B, AB, and O groups!

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Growth Hormone Production Linked to Aging

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Washing Raw Chicken May Increase Food Poisoning

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Eating Breakfast Not Key for Weight Loss?

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Dirt and Germ Exposure to Newborns may Lower Allergy, Asthma Risk

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Featured Articles

Computed Tomography (CT) - Angiography

CTA produces multidimensional images using x-ray with the injection of contrast material, used in the procedure through the peripheral vein. The procedure is used to determine blockage in the...

7 Health Benefits of Tomato

Tomatoes contain the antioxidant lycopene, which is effective against prostate cancer, stomach cancer, rectum cancer, and cervical cancer. According to Harvard School of Public Health...

Albumin Blood Test

Albumin is the most abundant protein (55-65% of total protein) found in blood, produced by the liver. It aids in balancing the amount of blood flowing through the veins and arteries and moves substances, like medications or drugs...

Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI)

FAI is a condition characterized by abnormally-shaped bones within the hip, which may cause bone friction resulting in a joint damage. There is a certain constrain to the free movement of the...

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