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Growth Hormone Production Linked to Aging

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Washing Raw Chicken May Increase Food Poisoning

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Eating Breakfast Not Key for Weight Loss?

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Dirt and Germ Exposure to Newborns may Lower Allergy, Asthma Risk

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Featured Articles

Tuberculosis (TB)

Individuals may be treated by a Directly Observed Therapy, Short-Course (DOTS). In this type of therapy, a healthcare provider monitors individuals (on a daily basis) and ensures that they are taking their prescribed medication...

Bicarbonate Blood Test

Bicarbonate is an electrolyte, like sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), and chlorine (Cl-). Electrolytes are important in conducting neural impulses, maintaining osmotic balance, and for various other functions.

Apolipoprotein A-1 Test

Apolipoprotein A-1 is contained by HDL, the “good” molecule. The test is used as a marker for protection against coronary artery disease, and may be a stronger indicator of HDL levels.

7 Health Benefits of Soybean

Soybeans have been known to suppress the appetite, helping people eliminate the chances of overeating that leads to obesity and other health related risks. Also, soybeans provide...

Featured Centers

Cancer & Benign Tumors

Cancers and benign tumors are difficult to understand, due to complex nature of their causes and presentations. Also, some are relatively common, while others extremely rare. DoveMed Cancer & Benign Tumor Center tools, help provide a better understanding of cancers and tumors.

Congenital & Genetic Disorders

Genetic disorders are difficult to understand, due to a complex nature of their causes and presentations. Furthermore, some genetic disorders are relatively common, while others are extremely rare. Our health center tools, help provide a better understanding of such disorders, giving you better healthcare choices!

Teen Health

Our Teen Health Center is a healthcare resource that addresses medical topics related to teen health and well-being. The topics include developmental disabilities & disorders, infections, skin care, drugs & alcohol, eating disorders, moods & emotions, nutrition, fitness, and body appearance, sexuality & sexual health.