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Did you know? The strongest muscles of the human body are masseters, that are present on either side of the mouth!

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Diabetes Complications Declined Dramatically, CDC Says

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Is Social Media Affecting Our Mental Health and Well-Being?

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Reduced Sleep Linked with Longer TV Hours in Kids

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Eating Disorders in Men Underdiagnosed

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Porphyrin Tests

Porphyrins are toxic at high concentrations; porphyrias are disorders resulting from excess porphyrin buildup. Porphyrias are either inherited or acquired...

Men are more forgetful than women, study shows

The participants were asked nine questions referring to their memory, including whether their memory has changed over the years, and whether remembering dates or events...

Foodborne Illness

Foodborne Illnesses are caused by consumption of food contaminated by common pathogens, like virus, bacteria, parasite, fungi, certain toxins, and chemicals. Read more on First Aid tips...

Arthritis of the Foot

Excess body weight associated with obesity may cause abnormally increased pressure on the joints. This increases the risk for degenerative osteoarthritis, affecting the foot.

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Emotional well-being is key to a wholesome life! DoveMed Behavioral & Mental Health Center is a comprehensive resource for robust emotional health. Our physician-approved content, consists of articles on diseases & conditions, surgical and laboratory procedures, home remedies, first aid situations, etc.

Hormone-Related Disorders

Hormones are essential for proper body function and emotional well-being. Many body hormones are interlinked to each other, making it difficult to understand hormonal problems. This health center brings you comprehensive healthcare information on diseases & conditions, laboratory tests, surgical procedures, etc.

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Rare Diseases & Disorders focuses on uncommon medical conditions. The content is approved by a board-certified physician, on the medical editorial board. In addition to comprehensive medical information, the center also provides useful resources for both the patients and their caregivers.