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Easy Office Exercises For Busy Executives

Last updated Feb. 26, 2017

Approved by: Krish Tangella MD, MBA, FCAP

The more challenging the job, the more difficult it may get to stay active, and hence, we may have to use some easy exercises, ranging from low-to-moderate level intensity, to keep us in shape.

For most of us, maintaining an active lifestyle is among the top priorities in our lives. Once we achieve optimum physical and mental fitness, we can aim to be the success we want to be. But, achieving a healthy level of fitness regularly is not so easy considering our busy and hectic work schedule. Work, in particular, can disrupt our attempts to engage in daily exercises to maintain our health. The more challenging the job, the more difficult it may get to stay active, and hence, we may have to use some easy exercises, ranging from low-to-moderate level intensity, to keep us in shape.

How to stay fit and manage your job simultaneously:

Start by picking out a workout regime you are most comfortable with, which can be performed easily, whether you are traveling or getting back home from the office. Pick a daily workout plan that does not require a lot of preparation first hand and accomplishes at least the optimum physical goal in the shortest period of time.

Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition published a scientific study in 2012, which predicted that in order to stay fit, we should begin by adopting a workout regime that has been tried and tested. Choose a form of exercise that best fits your body, personality, lifestyle, and surroundings such as simple cardio, like running up and down the stairs, or completing a set of desk squats before submitting the day’s assignment. Running, moderate intensity training, weight training, and various types of aerobics are simple, quick workouts you can begin with.

A new study published by the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research informs that certain exercises, such as shoulder stretches, wall sits, and pushups, are also a great way of building endurance and strength, and they can be easily practiced in the privacy of your room. Medium intensity level activities, such as calf raises and chair dips, can strengthen your legs and lower back. For a toned back and chest, you can experiment with regular sets of lunges and planks on alternative days.

Whether you are a beginner or a skilled amateur, you can always begin with setting a realistic goal, making an efficient schedule, and including physical activities that range from low to high-level intensity with enough moments of rest in between. You can keep track of your activity and progress level by maintaining a diary or journal, or by regularly updating a mobile application centered around fitness and health, so that you can reach your fitness goal more efficiently and quickly. You do not need to exhaust yourself each day - just 30 minutes of a workout at work or home, five days a week will give you a complete physical makeover and help you achieve the desired and toned physique.


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First uploaded: Feb. 26, 2017
Last updated: Feb. 26, 2017